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Welcome Holy Spirit by Hilde M Bedsvaag


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Word of Faith Radio
Word of Faith Radio

A. A. Allen Official Website
Aaron's Bible
Abiding In The Healing Word
Abiding Life Ministries International
Ablaze International
Abundant Life Church of Pakistan
Abundant Life Crusades w/Tony & Marge Abram

Adoration Ministries
AFCM/Jim Kaseman Ministries
Agape Missionary Alliance
Agape School of World Evangelism
Amber Alerts - Code Amber
Amarillo Cowboy Church
Amazing Grace Ministries
American Bible Society
American Center for Law and Justice
Andrew Wommack Ministries
Andie's Isle Homepage
Annie's Homepage
BibleSpout - Biblical Resources that Strengthen Faith

ArcAngel Broadcasting Foundation
Bahamas Faith Ministries Internationsl
Bambous Assembly of God
Beacom Christian Network
Benny Hinn Ministries
Best of the Christian Web
Bethelite Community Church/ATLAH World Ministries
Beulahland Harvest Ministries International
Beverly "Bam" Crawford Ministries
Bahamas Faith Ministries
Bible Believers' Evangelistic Association
Bible Resource Center
Bill Basansky Ministries
(Dr.)Bill Hamon Ministries
Bill Osborne Ministries
Bill Winston Ministries
Billy Joe Daugherty Ministries
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Billye Brim Ministries
Bin's Place in Haiti (Missionary Guest Home)
Bishop Andrew Merrit Ministries
Blessed Cause -Restoring Sanity to Our Schools
Blow the Trumpet in Zion Ministries
Bob Enyart;KGOV Radio - Arvada, Colorado
Bob Lawson Ministries
Bob Yandian Ministries
Breakthrough Ministries
Brian Bohrer Ministries
Buddy Bell Ministries
Buzzy Sutherlin Ministries, Inc.
Call 2 Fall - 2 Chron 7:14
Calvary Press Publishing
Campus Crusade for Christ
Carlton Pearson Ministries
Carmel Christian Center, Bristol UK
Charisma Magazine
Charles Capps Ministries
Charles Cowan Ministries
Charles Nieman Ministries
Charles Stanley
Christ For All Nations
Christian Top News
Christian Broadcast Network (700 Club)
Christian Care Services Centre
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Christian Family International Church
Christian Geology Ministries
Christian Harfouche Ministries
Christian House of Prayer Ministries
Christian International Ministries Network
Christian Resource Index
Christian Research Institute
Christian Retreat
Christianity Today
Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi
Church 2000: The Christian Information Source
Church of Living Water Ministries
City On The Hill
Clint Walker (Cheyenne Body 1950's)
Code Amber - Amber Alerts
Col. Stringer's Ministries
Cornerstone Family Church
Covenant Keepers, Inc.
Covenant Ministries Alpha and Omega
Covenant Motorcycle Ministry
Covenant Promise Ministry
Covenant Woman Ministries
Cowboy Stuff Ministries
Creation Evidence Ministries
Creflo Dollar Ministries
Crossroads Online
Cross Search
Crown of Life Ministries, Pakistan
Crusaders Set Free

Crystal Cathedral (Hour of Power)
Dake Publishing
Danny Trichell Ministries
David T. Demola Ministries
David Herzog Ministries
David Horton Ministries
David J. Gonzalez Ministries
Dean Hawk Ministries
Dennis Burke Ministries
Dennis Swanberg Ministries
Derek Prince Ministries
DH Garlick Ministries (Pastor Willie F. Traylor)
Dick Reuben Evangelistic Association
Dominion World Prayer Church
Don & Wendy Krow Ministries
Don Young Ministries
Doug Jones Ministries
Duane Sheriff Ministries
Dunamis Men of Dynamite Power
Durant Ministries
Dwight Thompson Ministries
Eagle Mountain International Church
Ed Dufresne Ministries
Ed Wilcox Ministries
Embracing His Grace International
Eric Barger Ministries
e-Sword Free Bible Software
EuroHarvest Ministries
Evangelist Luz Goldhagen
Evangelistic Center Church (Shawnee, OK)
Ever Increasing Faith Ministries
Ever Increasing Word Ministries
E. W. Kenyon Gospel Ministries
Faith-2-Action Ministries
Faith Bible Training Center
Faith Christian Center
Faith Christian Family Church
Faith Christian Fellowship, Int'l
Faith Mountain Ministries
Faith Says Ministries
Faith World Outreach Center
Family of Faith Church - Newark, OH
For Ministry resources
Francen World Outreach
Freddy Hall Navajo Outreach
Free Bible Software (E4 Group)
Freedom's Ring Ministries (Cecil Hook)
Freedom-Walk Prison Ministry
Fresh Fire with Evangelist Todd Bentley
Fresh Manna
Full Flame / Reinhard Bonnke Distributation
Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, Intl.
Dr. Gary Wood Ministries
Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International
Generals of Intercession
Glenn Burkett Ministries/a>
Global Harvest Ministries
God Chasers Network
God's Girls - Touching the Hand of God
God's Minute
God's News Behind the News
God's Yellow Pages
GODonomics - Pastor Chad Hovind
Goshen Net

Gospel Revival Ministries
Grace Chapel Fellowship
Grace Fellowship
Great Faith Ministries International
Harbourside Church in Auckland, New Zealand
Harvest Evangelism
Harvest Gospel Ministries of Pakistan, Int'l

Harvest International Ministries (Ocala, FL)
HarvestNet Institute of Northeast Ohio
Harvest International Ministries (Texarkana, AR)
Harvest Online
Harvest Projects International
Hasten the Light Ministries - New Zealand
Healing River International Ministries
Healing Rooms Ministries
Healing Springs Church
Healing Word Ministries
Health By Design
Heart And Hands Ministries
Heart Menders International
Help Me With Bible Study Org
Higher Place Ministries
Hilton Sutton World Ministries
His Church International Christian Center
His Grace Ministries
Hope Aglow Christian Center
House of New Hope
IMI School of Ministry and Music
Independent Church In India
In Jesus
International Gospel Outreach Family Church
International Convention of Faith Ministries
International Faith Center
International Fellowship of Christian and Jews
Iron Harvest
It Is Written
Jack and Susan Harris
Jack Hayford
Jack Myers Ministries
Jack Van Impe Ministries
Jackie Holland Ministries
Dr. James Dobson
Dr. James Kennedy
James Robinson
Jan Roger Voll Ministries
Janet Parshall's America
Jay Sekulow Live!
Jeff Backer Ministries
Jerry Savelle Ministries International
Jesse Duplantis Ministries
Jesus is Lord Church
Jesus Loves Me Ministries
Jesus Our Surety Ministries
Jesus PC Ministries
Jesus To The World Ministries
Jesus Video America
Jesus Video Project of Texas
Jews For Jesus
Jewish Jewells
Jim W. Goll Ministries
Jim Harper Ministries
Jimmy Swaggart Ministries
Joel Osteen Ministries
John F. Avanzini
John G. Lake Ministries
John Hagee Ministries
John Roughton Ministries
Josh McDowell Ministries
Joyce Meyer Ministries
Kairos Prison Ministry International
Kate McVeigh Ministries
Kay Arthur Ministries
Keith Butler Ministries
Keith Moore Ministries

Ken Wooldridge Ministries
Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Kenneth Hagin Ministries
Kenyon's Gospel Publishing Society
KGOV Radio w/ Bob Enyart; Arvada, Colorado
Kingdom Life Ministries International
Know the Truth Ministries
Koinonia House Online!
Lakewood Church Central
Larry Hutton Ministries
Larry King Ministries
Larry Ollison Ministries
The Last Age Ministries, Pakistan
Len Mink Ministries
Leonard Sweet Ministries
Les Feldick Ministries
Dr. Leroy Thompson Ministries
Leslie Hale (The Irish Preacher) Ministries
Life Christian Church (Oceanside, California)
Lifechangers with Bob Mumford
Life Healing Ministries
Life Today Ministries (with James Robison)
Life Way Ministries
Light the Night/Pennsylvania
Lighthouse Christian Center
Living Covenant Ministries International
Living Water Ministries
Living Water Teaching
Living Word Christian Center
Living Word Ministries
Lois Hoshor Ministries
Lord Of Lords Christian Church
Lori's Web Design
Luz World Evangelism (Evangelist Luz Goldhagen)
Luz Y Esperanza (Light And Hope)
Mac Hammond Ministries
Maralee Dawn Ministries
Marilyn Hickey Ministries
Mark 16:20 Ministries
Mark Brazee Ministries
Mark Harper Ministries
Mark Hankins Ministries
Mark T. Barclay Ministries
Mark Lowry Ministries
Markus Bishop Ministries
Martha Munizzi Ministries
Marty Owens Ministries
Maryann Drop Ministries
Master Potter Ministries
McDowell Ministries
Men of God, International Ministries
Messiah Yeshua Foundataion
Michelle Richee Ministries
Mike Vaughn Ministries
Midnight Cry Ministries w/ C. Parker Thomas
Mike Barber Prison Ministries
Mike Murdock Ministries
Mindanao Christian Ministries
Miracles Today w/Christian & Brenda Harfouche
Moore Life Ministries
Multimedia Gospel Ministries w/Sajad Shahzad
Myles Munroe Ministries
Mylon LeFevre Ministries
National Day of Prayer Task Force
Need God?
New Azusa Ministries
New Destiny Christian Center
New Hope Fellowship Church Ministries (Kenya)
New Life World Ministries
New Life Church
New Life Fellowship Ministries, Inc.
New Life Ministries
New Light Christian Center Church
Norman Robertson Ministries
Northridge Church - Richmond, KY
Norvel Hayes Ministries
Oak Hill Cathedral of Glory
On The Edge Ministries
Online Seminary Schools
Oral Roberts Ministry/University
Our Daily Bread
Pakistan Biblical Education Ministry
Parable Site Links Page
Paul Keith Davis Ministries
Paula White Ministries
Perry Stone Ministries
Dr. C. Peter Wagner Ministries
Phil Driscoll
PowerTalk Interactive Ministries
Praise In the Night
Precepts Ministries International
Prison Fellowship Ministries
Promise Keepers
Prophecy in the News
ProVison Network
Quick Study with Ron Hembree
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Restoration International Ministries
Racing For Jesus
Ralph Woodrow Evangelistic Association
Randall Grier Ministry
Razia Boota Ministry, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Redeeming Love Christian Center
Reflections Drama Ministry
Reinhard Bonnke Ministries
Rejoice Marriage Ministries
Revival Generation Ministries
    w/ Joshua and Jennifer Berry

Revival Ministries International
Rick Renner Ministries
Right Start Radio Ministries with Pastor Jim Custer
River Of Glory Ministries
RIVERlution Ministries
Roberts Liardon Ministry
Robb Thompson Ministries
Roger Sipes Ministries
Roy Bright Ministries
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
R. W. Schambach Ministries
Sandra Hughes Ministries
Sara Gibson Ministries
Save Marriages Organization
School of Christ Ministries
Sermon Search
Shout Assembly
Sid Roth Ministries
The Sign of the Dove Church
Sky Angel Christian Programming (TV & Radio)
Somebody Cares National
Somebody Cares Tampa Bay! Ministry
Southwest Radio Church Ministries
Speak The Word Church International
Spirit of Faith Christian Center
Spirit of Life Ministries
Spirit of Truth Ministries
Stephen Johnson Ministries
Straight Gate International Ministries
Streaming Faith Daily Devotional
Sword Ministries
Tasha Dillon Ministries
T.D. Jakes Ministries
Teen Mania Ministries
Terri Savelle Foy Minstries
Terry Law Minstries
Terry Mize Minstries
Terry L. Weems Ministries
The Bible Revival Minstries
The Christian Joke Page
The Christian Website Directory
The Creation Network
The Cyber Hymnal
The Family Church (Lafayette, LA)
The Family Church (West Munroe, LA)
The Father's Heart Ministries
The Fellowship
The Gospel Hour
The Great Shalom Radio Austin, Texas

The Guido Evangelistic Association
The King's High Way
The Lighthouse Movement
The Lord Children's Fellowship
The Ministry of the Watchman
The Potter's Touch Ministries
The Presidential Prayer Team
The Remnant News Ministry/
The School of Christ
The Stream TV
The Tulsans Quartet
Three Angels Broadcast Network
Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee
Tim Greenwood Ministries
Todd Bailey Ministries
Tom Shanklin Ministries
Tony Evans Ministries
Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship
Tree Of Life Ministries
Trinity Broadcasting Network
Truth In History Ministries
TruthWorks Ministries
Two Rivers Native American Training Center
Umucyo(Light) Ministries

UPray Org (Pray for our Troops)
US Prayer Center
Van Crouch Communications
Ventriloquist Maralee Dawn & Friends Ministries
Vicki Jamison-Peterson Ministries
Victory Life Church
Victory Ministries of Alaska
Victory Through the Word Ministries (Troy Edwards)
Vineyard of Licking County (Ohio)
Wagner Leadership Institute
Walt Mills Ministry
Water of Life Ministries
Wellspring Church of All Nations
What Is Truth Ministries
WuzUp, God
What Time It Is (W.J.Taylor Ministries)
White Dove Ministries
Whosoever Will Outreach Ministries
Dr. William D. Barrick Ministries
Willie George Ministries
Wings of Light International Relief
Wisdom Ministries
Without Walls International Church
With Love From Susan and Jack
WJIE International Shortwave
Word Broadcasting Network
Word of Faith Ministry w/Dr. Bill Bailey
Word of Faith Radio
Word of Life Christian Center
Word of Truth Ministry  (Given Blakely)
World Changers Church International
World Harvest Christian Center
World Harvest Radio
World Missionary Evangelism, Inc.
World Wide Study Bible
Worldwide Apostolic Faith Mission
(Covenant Ministries Zimbabwe)

Zoeller Motorsports Ministries

NOTE:The web sites and pages that are listed above are NOT necessarily maintained by Jesus Our Surety Ministries. We provide them here as a resource to help our visitors find information. While we will attempt to verify that each link points to a web site that glorifies God, proclaims their faith in Jesus Christ, and that no offensive or irresponsible material is referenced, we cannot guarantee this will always be the case for every pointer above. Do not believe everything you read.
Test the claims against the written Word of God, the Bible. May the Lord Jesus guide you as you enjoy these Links.

The Great Shalom Radio

Faith Mountain


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This website is a way for you to keep informed on the latest developments in the Middle East and what the American Jewish Committee is doing about them.

Get involved. Take action.

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